Cabinetry Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is a specialty of Oskar Painting. We have been refinishing cabinets in the Fairfield County Area for over 12 years. By using modern techniques and finishes we can make most cabinets look better than when they were first installed.


Our style of cabinet refinishing involves completely stripping the old finish and stain from the cabinets. This allows us to start from bare wood. This is the only guaranteed way for the new stain and finish to last. By starting with bare wood, we can stain and finish your cabinets just like they were at the factory where they were built.

Some companies like to use a process called glazing. Glazing is done by scuffing the cabinets by lightly sanding them and then applying stain and finish over the old finish. Since the new finish is applied over the old finish, glazing tends to wear off in a short period of time.

Cabinet refinishing is an economical choice to refacing or replacement of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. The average cabinet refinishing is half the cost of refacing and a quarter of the cost of replacing your cabinets. This can save thousands of dollars during a kitchen remodeling project.


Cabinet Refinishing Process

Removal of the door hinges and handles is the first step in the cabinet refinishing process. These old hinges and handles can be chemically cleaned to restore their original look. They can also be removed and replaced. Replacing the hinges and handles can add a completely new look to the cabinets. The new models come in a range of colors and styles that can match the look and feel of any kitchen or bathroom.


New Color

Most people are looking to dramatically change the look of their cabinets. Refinishing allows you to change the color of your cabinets from a darker color to a lighter color or from a lighter color to a darker color. Oil based stains will bring out the natural look of the wood. Oil based stains have been the traditional choice of woodworkers for centuries.

With the modern stains on the market today you have a lot of choices in color. Water based stains have been receiving a lot of attention lately and can be used to change the color of the cabinets to any color you can imagine. Water based stains come in all colors including blues, oranges, greens, yellows and even purples.

There are a lot of different clear topcoat finishes available today. These include lacquervarnishpolyurethane and water based topcoats. They all have their own advantages. One of the advantages of the water based finishes is that they are crystal clear. They are also resistant to scuffsscratches and dings. Another advantage of the water based topcoats is that they are more environmentally friendly as compared to traditional finishes.

Oskar Painting has the experience and expertise necessary to refinish any size kitchen. We can help guide you through the process of picking a stain color and choosing the correct finish for your cabinet refinishing project.

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