Best Ways to Choose Your Colors

Best Ways to Choose Your Colors

Choosing paint color, when it comes to decorating, can really be a challenge. Having so many choices, you are bound to find the right one. But with so many choises you may end up feeling you do not know where to start!

The tips from Oskar Painting Company will really help you decide in this important choice. After all, the paint color will set the tone for the room.


Be Patient

Making the final choise about the color when planning a room, should wait until you have developed an overall room scheme. There are literally an infinite paint color possibilities for you to choose and the paint is the most important element of your room decor. Also the paint it is the easiest thing to change and it is the least expensive. You should get some ideas about the color, but make the final decision after rugs, wallpaper, and fabrics are finalized.


Coordinate Decorating Samples

When you go shopping, you will need to refer to your fabric, carpet, tile, wallpaper, and trim samples constantly. Be sure to take everything with you wherever you go. No tellng where you might see something wonderful.


Really Study the Colors

You will find clues about the underlying tones of different shades of a color on a full sample strip of coordinated colors. Even if you are not even considering using a darker tone, look at all the colors carefully. Decide if the family of colors is the direction you're headed with your color selection.


Tried and True Formula for Colors

If you are working with a print fabric, it is probably the best to choose the wall paint color from the background of the print. Use the deeper or brighter tones for accents throughout the room or adjacent spaces. Read more tips here about how to choose a color scheme.


Trim it Out

More often than not, you will select a shade of white or off-white for the moldings, doors, and windows. If you are feeling brave, consider the palest shade of color to coordinate with the walls. For a really striking look, try lighter walls and dark tones or bright color for trim.


Choose the Paint Finish for the Job

Consider which paint finish might be best for your project. Matte or flat finishes hide wall imperfections, but glossier finishes will reflect more light.

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